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At Eindhoven Italian School "La Lampadina," we recognize that children are going to have different abilities (do they speak Italian with one parent or both parents? how many langues do they speak in total?) and that families are going to have different goals (does the family just want the children to have a chance to meet other Italian children or do they also want them to gain some level of academic proficiency?). In order to meet the needs of these families, we must create a program that is both fun and effective for a mixed group of children, in the limited time per week they meet for the class.

We take all of this into consideration when creating lesson plans. Each week the children learn about a particular topic while using Italian, for instance Roman history or food groups. There is a lot of interaction between the teacher and the children to keep them engaged in the learning process.

Does your child speak Italian at home? Are you interested in registering your child for the 2019-2020 school year? Visit our course page for more information!


What some parents have said:

After only a few lessons, he is already using a more sophisticated vocabulary.

Mother of 5-year-old


In the press

Image by Gift Habeshaw

"Raccontastorie" in Eindhovense Dagblad (in Dutch)

Image by Gift Habeshaw

"Raccontastorie" in Eindhoven News (in English)


La Lampadina hosts event for entire heritage language community

La Lampadina in The Hub news

La Lampadina featured in Eindhoven News

Politician News Interview

La Lampadina director Laura Pirani interviewed by Italian parent site


Collaboration projects

Voorlezen in het Italiaans / Raccontastorie

Eindhoven Italian School La Lampadina has partnered with the Eindhoven Library to offer a free reading activity in Italian. Children can listen to a story in Italian, and afterwards there is a creative activity, such as drawing, role playing, improvisation, creating recipes, and more!

This is a free activity available on Sunday afternoons from 15:00 to 16:00 for children of all ages on the dates:

Sunday, October 27

Sunday, November 3

Sunday, November 24

Sunday, December 8

Sunday, December 22 - CANCELLED


Image by Monika Kozub
Smiling Girl with Book

Italian children's library

The Eindhoven Library will start a pilot in 2019 to include Italian and Chinese books in its children's collection. This is a wonderful opportunity for these language communities to promote reading in the home language. After six months it will be determined whether or not the international collection can continue and expand to include additional languages.

Heritage Language Schools Eindhoven

La Lampadina is proud to report that we have called on the other heritage language schools in Eindhoven to collaborate, and the reaction has been positive! We organized a gathering in June to offer an opportunity for the heritage language schools to meet and discuss possibilities for joint initiatives, such as public outreach. La Lampadina has already helped improve the Expat Center's website by having a subsection "heritage language schools" added under the education heading, with accurate information from the participating schools.

Check out the website if you would like to know about the Heritage Language Schools Eindhoven initiative. You can also read about our June event in the news.

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